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Messi and Neymar Predicted intrusive Brand Shoes

The presence of Neymar at Barcelona became big news. Brazilian star was rumored to be level with other Barcelona star, Lionel Messi.

Even so, the former Barcelona coach Johan Cruyff still have doubts about the duo Messi-Neymar. Cruyff had said, the duo Messi-Neymar may not run properly. However, this time the legend of Ajax and Barca was assessed not in terms of the game, but from the brand of shoes they wear.

As you know, Messi has been the iconic German sports brand, Adidas. While Neymar, chosen as an ambassador for Nike.

"It's not about Neymar-Messi, but rather to Adidas and Nike. If you can think it, you will see the problems that may arise. To them, may not be affected much, but they also have a contract with the two well-known brands," Cruyff said in Marca.

Cruyff is also considered that Neymar should be able to adapt easily in Barca. He also said Neymar should not be given so much pressure to bring Barca back victorious.
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