One difficulty in Between Two Easy

Buya Hamka share the story in his book. "If I take any adversity and deprivation ponder my freedom, it feels self maulah crazy. But mind kept running, then the divine inspiration came. I quickly read the Koran, so in the first five days of detention alone, three times the Quran khatam read. Then I set the hours for reading and writing for hours Qur'anic commentaries that I read it. So the day goes on, not knowing and not much else to think when was going out "
Eventually, he was released from jail after being mengkhatamkan Quran over 150 times and write commentaries 28 juz Quran in just the past two years (chapters 19 and 20 has been interpreted before prison).
For Buya Hamka story to be one proof of the truth of the promise of Allah in His Book. "For verily with hardship comes ease. Verily with difficulty comes ease "QS. al-Insyirah (94) :4-5. Similarly, the promise of Allah to His Messenger, when squeezed hard. Allah even gave emphasis to repeat it.
If we ponder its meaning, we can understand that convenience created with difficulty. Difficulties and conveniences one inseparable package (built-in). Prophet Muhammad, as quoted by Ibn Kathir of history Anas bin Malik, illustrate once while sitting with his friends in front of a stone. "When difficulties come and go in this rock, it will surely come, and ease of entry also eliminates these difficulties"
In the Tafseer of Ibn Abbas RA further explained that Allah calls "an ease trouble between the two." According to the scholars, the reason is because of the difficulty (al-usr) is written in the two verses have a definitive or singular form. So, even if called twice, only one difficulty. Meanwhile, the ease (yusr) expressed the indefinite article to indicate the plural.
Related to this, Buya Hamka never tells also of lyric song often heard from Buya AR Sutan Mansyur law.
"If the army had profound disaster befalls. Think Nature Letters Nasyrah soon. 'Usrun sandwiched between two Yusran. Fikirkan If it had been you, surely you will be happy."
The poem was very imprint in the memory and heart. Perhaps, the reason why Allah inspiration came when Buya Hamka squeezed difficulties in prison. Wallahu'a'lam.