Batik Indonesia Affect Fashion World

Batik, since the world is recognized as a world heritage since 4 years ago, continues to grow.

Fashion world, even now often use batik motifs in their latest collection.

In addition, some celebrities also make batik as one of their fashion style. As performed by one of the heir to the Hilton group, which earlier this month Paris Hilton was seen passing in the streets of New York, using the output batik dress fashion house Gucci.

Not to forget also Jesica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson, Adele, Reese Witherspoon, Lenka, Bono, Adele, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela and now a fan of Nicole Richie Batik Nusantara, and the world of designer fashion houses juag motif makes us as one of their flagship collection.

"Batik we have worldwide, several world renowned brands like Gucci even have to make batik as one of the motives for their latest collection," explained one fashion observer Indonesia Petty S Fatimah, in Batik Our Love Story event held by the Cultural center of the United States (USA), Pacific Place Jakarta last weekend.

"Therefore, we should also appreciate batik is not just for style, but also understand that the full value of batik philosophy of life," added the veteran director who also loves batik Indonesia Nia Dinata.

Our Love Story Batik itself is held, to show that Indonesian batik cloth or motive is not cheap, because keindahanan and uniqueness of batik has been recognized as a heritage of Indonesia to the world. And the U.S. public, is now making batik as a compulsory part of their fashion.